Saturdays are for hats!

Depending on my week, Saturdays are usually for cleaning the house and running errands. It is the first day I dont have to jump out of bed, do my hair and make up and run out the door. For a long time I mostly wore a New York Yankees ball cap while cruising through my to-do list. After about the 10th person asked me why I wasn’t wearing a handmade hat I set out to create a no-fuss one with just the right fit. Hence, the “Saturday Hat” was born (remember all patterns are 40% off until the end of 2013).

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It is a slightly slouchy, open weave hat with a really nice brim. The brim was the most important part when designing this hat. Have you ever noticed that some crocheted brimmed hats have a tendency to do odd things? Some lay flat on the forehead or create a blind spot because they hover out front like a patio cover.

For over a year, it has been a best seller. 40 projects have been loaded on Ravelry and I LOVE all of them. Please check them out. Here are a few that were shared on my page today.

natasha 150x150 Saturdays are for hats!

By Natasha Hudgins of Yarntastic Creations by Natasha.

amj1 150x150 Saturdays are for hats!

By Amanda Morgenstern of AMJ Crochet.

Capture 150x150 Saturdays are for hats!
By Lori Vargas Agnew
pf button big Saturdays are for hats!


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